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All aspects of measured building surveys can be carried out including detailed floor plans, building elevation surveys, Sections, and 3D Modelling / visualisations. The use of up-to-the-minute techniques, equipment & software is again essential to minimise site time, disruption, & client costs. Our building surveying services are detailed below:

Floor Plans
1st Horizon’s measured building survey teams are renowned for their flexibility & experience when working on sensitive sites (e.g. schools, hospitals, busy offices etc.). In such situations operatives will carry out site works outside normal working hours to accommodate the site specific requirements of each building survey project.
A combination of reflectorless total stations, with laser beam sighting, and hand-held laser measures are used to generate floor plans to a level of detail specified by our clients.

Elevation Surveys
Client requirements, can vary significantly for building surveys, therefore appropriate techniques are selected accordingly. Typical elevation survey formats include, simple elevation surveys with key heights for planning proposals, rectified photography surveys often used for visualisations, or full & complete detail drawings for heritage based projects & restoration schemes.

As with all our surveys, specifications can be customised to the exact requirements of the individual client, ensuring the completeness of the data and avoiding wasted time & costs.


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