Areas of Expertise

We specialise in 3D data capture and the production of measured surveys

Areas of Expertise

Our Vision

Our vision is to attain excellence in the rapidly developing world of 3D data capture and geomatics

Our Vision


We demonstrate an innovative approach to our business and a dedication to professional development... Anything is possible

The sky is the limit

Client Support

We provide rapid response and support for development, design, construction and infrastructure

Client Support

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1st Horizon’s primary objective is to achieve complete customer satisfaction

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1st Horizon are set to be the world’s very first users of the all new Focus3D scanner... more info >>

1st Horizon at a Glance

Specialist in Land, Building & Engineering Surveys


1st Horizon Surveying & Engineering Ltd offers a complete survey, 3D laser scanning and engineering service. We provide expertise for anything from simple reduced level surveys, to detailed laser scans and intelligent 3D modelling.

Based centrally in the UK 1st Horizon is able to provide both nationwide and global support for construction, design, development & infrastructure.

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3D Scanner Hire

3D Laser Scanning & Land Surveying

1st Horizon are a specialist building, engineering and land survey company offering 3D laser scanning services with the latest Faro Focus3D hardware.

We can implement cutting edge land surveying systems and services for industrial or architectural projects. As an alternative to the service you can hire a 3D laser scanner and we can provide full training and support.

1st Horizon provides the complete survey service from basic level surveys to 3D modelling and detailed laser scans. We pride ourselves in utilising the most advanced 3D laser scanners and scanning practices for our land survey services. This allows us to offer the best level of expertise at cost effective prices.

1st Horizon carry out an extensive range of land surveying services from basic boundary surveys to complete topographic surveys and 3D terrain model analysis. Our measured building surveys include floor plans, elevation surveys, and sections which are tailored to suit your site specific land survey requirements. Our topographical surveys are carried out for many business sectors and include purposes from site planning to flood risk analysis. We also produce many utility tracing and engineering surveys, which include the use of GPR & electromagnetic methods for the detection of buried services.

We are also noted as a leading civil engineering service provider across the UK and we provide national and global support for construction, design and development projects.

Our 3D laser scanning services allow us to capture data and accurately replicate an object or surface in a 3D virtual environment. Point cloud data sets are accessible via the internet to enable clients to view the site or facility that we have scanned! Our 3D laser scanners allow us to capture data at a rate of up to 1 million points per sec. This rapid rate of capture, and the ergonomic nature of the scanner unit, allows dense point clouds, comprising of millions of co-ordinated points, to be created in minutes. If you have a specific 3D laser scanning project and want to know more about our capabilities and level of expertise, then please contact us now.

Telephone: +44 (0)1226 766 446