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Industrial 3D Laser Surveys

Industrial laser surveys


3D laser scan


Applications include:

• Plant modification and pipe routing
• Plant relocation
• Clash detection
• Lift & fit /cut & carve
• Virtual site visits
• Safety & rescue planning
• Asset management
• Design verification & certification of tie points
• Construction visualisation
• As-built documentation
• Air flow & temperature analysis
• Refurbishments, retrofits & additions
• Deformation analysis
• Reverse engineering


Deliverables include:

• 2D drawings - isometrics, P&ID’s, sections,
   elevations, plans.
• 3D surface / solid models
• BIM models
• Fully intelligent plant models
• Point cloud
• Triangulated mesh


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With the use of 3D laser scanning technology, in an industrial environment, vast areas of complex plant & piping can be captured, in complete 3D detail. Furthermore this can be carried out in an unprecedented timescale. Our new Faro Focus3D scanners are able to capture data at a rate of up to 976,000 pts / second. The sheer portability of the new Focus3D system allows, geometrically correct, point clouds to be captured quicker and easier than ever before.


Industrial Laser Scanning Markets:

• Plant, process and power
• Nuclear
• Petrochemical / oil & gas
• Manufacturing
• Mining & tunneling
• Utilities


Disruption and shut down times are minimised due to the rapid nature of 3D laser scan capture. Site surveys are completed many times quicker than by using conventional survey techniques.

The visual & geometrical / dimensional assessment of a plant or subject can be carried out "virtually" through the interrogation of high density, colour point cloud showing every detail of the environment. The laser scanner also captures comprehensive photographic imagery. This allows even greater scope for visualising site conditions from the comfort of your office using laser scanner derived 3D panoramic data sets

We provide full "start to finish" laser surveys which may include the establishment of precision control, site data capture, processing of point cloud data and the production of 2D and 3D laser scanner derived deliverables.

Eventualities where site surveyors using conventional techniques miss detail are almost entirely eradicated as the scanner captures everything. Repeat site visits are therefore eliminated.

Situations where the specification is added to after the laser scanning survey has already been completed are resolved easily as this information is usually contained within the scan cloud archive previously captured. This scenario saves our clients both time and money by utilising laser scanning surveys.

Precision dimensional control techniques can be employed in plant environments to complement our laser scanning works. These techniques are carried out using high end total stations and are commonly utilised on critical interface applications where every mm counts.

Specialist large volume data capture is possible at accuracies of up to 10 microns (0.1mm).