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Land Surveys

From basic land surveys to complete detail surveys and terrain model analysis, we can cater for virtually all eventualities to meet client demands. Highly skilled land surveyors are deployed to all 1st Horizon’s projects.

Our land surveys are used for anything from early feasibility studies to full scheme development designs & structural engineering exercises.

A combination of RTK GPS systems and robotic total stations are used to produce surveys in the most efficient manner possible. Our expert land survey teams use VRS corrections where appropriate, to greatly increase flexibility & productivity. This is concurrent with a vast reduction in equipment set-up times.

Specifications and requirements can be tailored to each project and these are often supplied, or specified by our clients to ensure that all required elements are recorded. Also our customised land survey services ensure that unnecessary detail is not observed & thus contract time & customer costs are reduced.

Volumetric surveys are undertaken for cut & fill calculations, quantifying material, or earthworks exercises.

The use of mapping software and Computer Aided Design enables us to produce existing and proposed digital terrain models from our land surveys. These are constructed using both surveyed data and proposed design information. Cross sections and volume calculations can therefore be produced and often several different scenarios are created for the client's consideration.

If you are interested in our land survey services please contact our team of specialist land surveyors.


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