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Topographic surveys are carried out across all sectors of our business, for purposes from site planning / feasibility studies to volumetric / flood risk analysis. Both greenfield and brownfield site surveys are frequently undertaken and deliverables can be 2D or 3D depending on the client's requirements.

The instrumentation used for a topographic survey generally includes RTK GPS systems & high-end total stations. The combination of these two, tried and tested, measurements systems allow accurate observations to be taken on both local and national grid projections.

Using the same field techniques, boundary topographical surveys can be undertaken as a means of resolving land disputes.
Contour maps and isopachites are a useful means of displaying reduced level information for interpretation, in a practical sense, by our clients. Once the topographical survey is completed, ground sections and cut & fill calculations can be generated from the 3D topographic model with relative ease.

Regimented procedures are followed when carrying out topographic surveys to ensure both accuracy and the integrity of the data is maintained. This is largely achieved by ensuing a reliable and accurate control network is established and continual checking mechanisms are employed throughout the course of the surveying. RICS recommended codes of measuring practice are adhered to at all times.

Thorough consultation with our clients is essential to gain a full understanding of their project and topographical survey requirements. This ensures that the relevant data is delivered to our customers.

Topographic surveys can also be undertaken in collaboration with our 3D laser scanning surveys or utility tracing.