May 2018

1st Horizon Surveying & Engineering Ltd has completed a comprehensive Topographic and Utility mapping survey for Sheffield’s ever-popular Tramlines music festival.

As a result of growing popularity and ever-increasing demand for the multi-faceted festival, that took place across the city of Sheffield, Tramlines is moving for the 2018 iteration of festivities. Now situated at Hillsborough Park, the dramatically increased capacity for revellers ensures more room to house various installations, and the ability to meet increasing demand for tickets.

Tramlines survey

As part of this major expansion, 1ST HORIZON was tasked with undertaking a Topographic Survey with 2D output to detail above ground features for the festival site at Hillsborough Park. This was to acquire data for planning and positioning of installations, including the main stage and other new additions to the line-up such as a pop-up cinema, comedy stage, kids and family area and other various entertainment items.

Tramlines survey

The data captured from 1ST HORIZON’s topographic survey will be used to plan, execute, set up and install the above-mentioned exhibits, in time for the festival’s anticipated weekend in July. This data will be combined with the accompanying utility survey data to provide context for the buried service traces.

1ST HORIZON’s utility survey of the location was undertaken with sophisticated ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic detection methods, to obtain non-invasive data of underground utilities.

Tramlines survey

As part of health and safety obligations and deployment of items such as large tent poles, pegs, stakes and shower utilities, the utility survey was carried out to offer our client a thorough understanding of all underground utility services at the new Tramlines Festival site. The utility survey ensures prevention of damage to all the site’s underground assets, when setting up for the event.

This combined operation, undertaken by 1ST HORIZON’s Land Survey and Utility Survey Divisions across three days, illustrates the advantages of our multi-disciplinary project coordination ability.

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