August 2018

Expert consultancy delivered to our client as part of an initiative to document equipment and environments in large-scale refurbishment works.

1ST HORIZON have recently provided expert training and guidance on the use of 3D laser scanning software and equipment. As part of this initiative, 1ST HORIZON’s 3D Survey Manager flew out to Norway to our clients’ facility and provided consultancy founded on years of experience in the 3D survey industry.

3D Laser Scanner Training

Alesund from above. Inset: 3D laser scanner training.

The trip to Norway took us to Alesund, which sits at the head of the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord, an eye-catching fjord that is revered for its natural beauty, and its ability to attract tourists from across the globe. 1ST HORIZON’s international foray to Norway is our latest global deployment, following trips to Russia, Italy, Germany, France and Egypt (among others), to provide measurement and mapping expertise.

The challenge for our client in this instance was the need to accurately document large industrial environments which contain intricate fish handling equipment. Previously this task was undertaken by staff who would measure environments and machinery by hand, as part of a time-consuming process that was often blighted by human error.

3D Laser Scanner Training

1ST HORIZON’S 3D Survey Manager with clients.

With a 3D laser scanner, these environments can be documented at great speed and in significant detail. With the reduced time to capture data, low margin for error and comprehensiveness of data collection, the 3D laser scanner allows our client to fast-track a project that would otherwise have taken a substantial number of man-hours to complete through conventional measurement practices.

Our clients are able to utilise the 3D pointcloud data to its fullest extent through 3D design software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks and MicroStation. They can also use this data to design new systems and upgrades for their warehouses and work environments with complete confidence.

The specific training delivered by our 3D Survey Manager involved the use of FARO Scene registration & data processing software, paired with the FARO X130 laser scanner. Although this scanner is relatively intuitive and easy to use, attaining advanced data sets requires training from a seasoned expert. With this knowledge and ability, passed on by our technical staff, our client is able to process the data they need for future projects.

3D Laser Scanner Training

3D laser scanner training.

The staff coached in Norway are now fully equipped to carry out 3D documentation at any of their facilities. This ability will help drive new design initiatives throughout the whole project lifecycle as well as and support maintenance, expansion, upgrades and asset management on and ongoing basis.

1ST HORIZON provides complete 3D Laser Scanning training solutions, with consultancy delivered by our expert 3D surveyors. We can deliver training on-site, at a location of our clients’ choice, or at our Head Office located in Sheffield. To find out more click here.

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