May 2018

1ST HORIZON have completed a 3D laser scan survey of Phillip King’s Darwin Sculpture.

The sculpture was originally commissioned to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of British naturalist and biologist Charles Darwin, best known for his ground-breaking contributions to the science of evolution and his 502-page work On the Origin of Species.

Phillip King's Darwin Sculpture

Darwin, © Phillip King. Courtesy the artist & Thomas Dane Gallery, London.

King’s striking sculpture, which was first commissioned by Christ’s College, Cambridge in 2009 is a work of interlocking geometric objects in green and red. The work symbolises the process and journey of an idea, relating back to the significance of Darwin, regarding his contributions to science and his seminal work on evolution.

King’s sculpture appears to be separated into three different aspects. An oval, square and a triangle, all combining to work together, by doing so they represent something which presents beyond its tangible physical form and creates a sculpture of more than the sum of its parts.

Conceptually, the oval shape symbolises Darwin’s work on the theory of evolution, the triangle can be considered as the younger character of Darwin, before his ground-breaking work had reshaped his character and the square acts as a kind of portal for the external world.

1ST HORIZON’s skilled surveyors captured the data with Faro Focus 3D scanning equipment. The sculpture was measured from a number of positions, and the raw scan data was then unified in a single pointcloud model.

Darwin Sclulpture BIM modelBIM model of Darwin.

Following the initial data capture, 1st Horizon’s BIM technicians manipulated the scan data and produced a model in Autodesk Revit software. This BIM model was then relayed to the client, allowing them to develop further 3D outputs.

1ST HORIZON provides a range of deliverables, including parametric BIM models, 2D drawings, Pointcloud animations, mesh models and 360-degree imagery. More information can be found on our 3D Laser Scanning services page.

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