3d laser scanning
3d laser scanning
3d laser scanning
3d laser scanning

1st Horizon at a Glance


1ST HORIZON is a truly multi-disciplinary survey, mapping and measurement provider offering many complimentary services. At 1ST HORIZON our primary focus is client satisfaction which we aim to maintain through the delivery of high quality services.

Specialist divisions for each service ensures that the very best quality is achieved. Our staff are trained and experienced in their individual specialism with excellence being promoted at all levels within the business.

3D Laser scanning

Our Story

1ST HORIZON was founded in 2006 by managing director Jim Garside, a degree-qualified land surveyor. The company was born out of the construction and petrochemical industries with our initial experiences working on gas pipelines and large-scale civils projects.

Drawing on our robust foundation and technical knowledge we have shown consistent growth year-on-year since we were established. This has been achieved despite the economic crisis in late 2007 and is testament to our determination, hard work and quality of service.

We started as a conventional land survey operation with a purely geomatics background and experience. Our ability to predict changing market trends (and our flexibility to react to these changes) has meant that we have continually followed opportunities to improve and innovate. This flexibility has allowed us to maintain 1ST HORIZON’s position at the forefront of the ever-changing measurement industry. Specialising in 3D Laser Scanning, Utility Location, CCTV Surveys, UAV Surveys & Mobile Mapping has formed part of our development during the last 10 years.

Our skills and experience in the industry have helped us to create our own bespoke office facility; a project that was entirely self-managed. We now work from a truly unique office environment that is testament to our dedication and perseverance.  We continue to expand and develop our business and we are consistently working towards our key company values of…


Our History

3D Laser scanning

Vision & Values

“Our vision is to be recognised as the number 1 brand for survey, mapping & measurement, through exceptional customer service, quality & innovation. We will develop and introduce new technology & techniques to ensure our customers benefit from the utilization of leading-edge practises.

1st Horizon

Customer Focus

Complete customer satisfaction is our aim. We continuously & proactively aim to correctly identify customer requirements. We meet these requirements by providing high quality services using the very latest methods to ensure optimum efficiency.

1st Horizon

Our People

We recognize that people are fundamental to the success of our business. We are committed to becoming an “employer of choice”, providing a working environment where people are encouraged & supported to develop their skills to maximum potential.

1st Horizon

Opportunism & Flexibility

We identify changing market demands within our profession, thereby developing products and services which are continually adapted in response to fluctuating trends.

1st Horizon

Development & Innovation

By actively promoting CPD we encourage our employees to provide creative ideas & solutions for our clients. Through such development and innovation, we will maintain our position at the leading edge of our profession.

Brand & Identity

Evolution of the brand

Our brand and identity has developed during the last 12 years tracking our evolution as a business.

Earlier identities became outdated & no longer portrayed the image that reflects 1ST HORIZON today. We feel our current brand now signifies our ambition for quality, innovation & professionalism.

During our most recent rebrand (2017) we considered major changes to the logo and brand. Although the adaptions we agreed were significant, we were mindful to retain key elements of our old identity such as the orange colour and the horizon geometry.

Our name & Logo

We chose the word “1ST” as a prefix for our company name in-line with our vision to be regarded as the number 1 brand in our field.

The word “HORIZON” can mean “The limit of a person’s knowledge or experience”. At 1ST HORIZON we see no limits – We are always striving to improve and grow. This is represented in our current logo by the horizontal break in the circular band.

The “1” & “H” are merged in our logo to create a graphic stamp. The triangle extracted from the “H” then becomes the serif of the “1”.

Brand Values


Brand Attributes


Objectives & Strategy


  • Maintain our excellent safety record and continually seek to eliminate risk.
  • Sustain our historic growth trend for year on year expansion.
  • Continue to improve the delivery of our work through the development of our quality assurance & business management systems.
  • Improve efficiency through Innovation & new technology.
  • Expand our product portfolio into other complimentary services to cement our position as a truly multi-disciplinary survey, mapping & measurement company.


  • Develop existing client relationships and cultivate new relationships with prospective clients.
  • Recruit personnel who will thrive in an organisation where excellence is extensively promoted. Develop and nurture the skills of existing staff.
  • Promote our new brand identity & focus our marketing strategy on generating awareness and emphasising our quality of service.
  • Develop strategic partnerships and long term affiliations.
  • Identify and adapt to changes in market trend allowing 1ST HORIZON to deliver the most up-to-date solutions for clients.