September 2018

1st Horizon welcomes three new members to our growing organisation, enhancing capability & efficiency

We are delighted to announce the addition of three new members to our dedicated back office team at 1ST HORIZON. Our new employees: Nathan – Systems Co-ordinator, Anna – Business Administrator and Sophia – Senior Business Administrator have already made a great impact in expanding our capability, and driving our vision to be recognised as the Number 1 brand for survey mapping and measurement services.

1st Horizon back office teamFrom left to right: Anna, Nathan & Sophia.

Often taken for granted, the people working hard behind the scenes ensure the smooth running of any successful organisation. 1ST HORIZON’s back office team perform many functions including health & safety planning, administration, quality, systems / processes and efficiency improvements. Though their efforts are not directly seen by the client, this team is an essential contributor to the overall success of the business and to the excellent customer experience we pride ourselves on delivering.

Our new team members bring with them a wealth of experience from various sectors and industries that we believe will continue to benefit our internal processes and systems, as well as translating into benefits felt by our clients in the near future.

1st Horizon back office team

Nathan will be heading up our initiative to further improve customer satisfaction, performance and efficiency through the implementation of bespoke business systems within our organisation. These systems will include CRM improvements, IT platforms, job and fleet management, system upgrades and improved quality assurance procedures.

All these separate elements will contribute to improving our service offering. We believe above all, this demonstrates our absolute commitment to providing a 1st class service to our customers and helps strengthen client and partner relationships.

Jim Garside, 1st Horizon’s Managing Director said: “In a relatively short period of time Nathan has demonstrated a problem-solving ability and knack for innovation that is second to none. He has been able to streamline many of the previously inefficient back office methods used to support the business and resolved historic issues in a very short period of time.”

1st Horizon back office team

Anna and Sophia have already reformed many of our inadequate processes for asset management, stock control and supplier management. Their efforts will also help to amplify the quality of our customer service, marketing / HR functions as well as aiding our site based operational staff and helping us to deliver our unparalleled quality of service.

Without the addition of Anna and Sophia, the continued growth of our organisation would not be adequately supported from an administration perspective and such growth would be hampered.

Damian Chadwick, 1st Horizon’s Operations Manager said: “Sophia and Anna now support the QHSE Manager, MD and Systems Coordinator, thus allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks. The admin department now has an extremely cohesive feel and can also deliver a level of capability that was simply unattainable before their arrival. They have already become invaluable members of our organisation and they will certainly have a direct impact on the success of the company in the future”.

We look forward to seeing the full benefits of the revitalised team in the short, medium and long term and we are genuinely excited for the future of these exceptional individuals at 1ST HORIZON.

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