March 2018

Sophisticated 3D laser scanning technology deployed to extract data for Super Bowl half-time production.

Although the headlines were grabbed by the ever-popular Peter Dinklage, known from his role as Tyrion Lannister in HBO’s smash-hit Game of Thrones, there was another star working behind the scenes in this year’s most iconic Super Bowl commercial. To make a complex ad, with such high production values required the driving force of data captured by 3D laser scanning.

Super Bowl 2018 Commercial

Peter Dinklage & Morgan Freeman

The hidden star of this spectacular half-time ad was the Faro Focus 3D laser scanner employed by 1ST HORIZON’s skilled surveyors. To acquire comprehensive data the advert set was scanned several times with the Faro scanner to document essential 3D information. This information was then exported as unified Pointclouds, before being delivered to the production team.

The Doritos Blaze vs Mtn Dew Ice showdown featured a red-hot and ice-cold face-off between long-time silver screen legend Morgan Freeman, and Peter Dinklage. The ad also used lyrics from both Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot which in tandem, wowed Super Bowl viewers this February.

Using comprehensive LIDAR data obtained by 1ST HORIZON’s surveyors, the producers ran the Pointcloud information through a proprietary auto mesh generator, for basic geometry. Subsequently, the data was ‘up-rez’ed’ and ‘re-topologized’ to be used in the following FX work, seen in the finished version of the commercial. This information presented itself as ice pattern generation, flames and the point of collision for the airborne smoke and embers, between the two on-screen heavyweights during their rap-off.

The commercial aired on 4th February to an estimated audience of 103.4 million people, undoubtedly far fewer than that number had any inkling into how the LIDAR data was captured and utilised to spectacular effect.

More information about 1st Horizon 3D Laser Scanning services can be found here.

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