March 2019

1ST HORIZON recently played host to the Lord Mayor of Barnsley.

Our managing director, Jim Garside, welcomed incumbent Lord Mayor Steve Green, who was keen to learn about the technological advancements that have been made within the surveying industry and acknowledge the apprenticeship commitment made by 1ST HORIZON.

The Lord Mayor was treated to a full tour of 1ST HORION’s state-of-the-art offices where the history behind the building (former fizzy drinks factory) was showcased and a demonstration of 3D laser scanning & Virtual Reality technology was given.

Our VIP visitor was impressed by the cutting-edge technologies and techniques employed by 1ST HORIZON and staggered by the speed at which the construction, design & measurement industries are now advancing. The Virtual Reality experience was of particular interest to the Mayor, who was able to contrast the virtual experience with real-life in local areas he had previously visited.

1ST HORIZON recently played host to the Lord Mayor of Barnsley.


Steve Green was also very pleased to learn that 25% of our current workforce joined the company through the apprenticeship route to employment, and that 1ST HORIZON have now pledged to employ several new 3D Surveyor apprentices in 2019, further supporting economic growth for the region.

Measuring our social impact is ingrained within the 1ST HORIZON Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and we are delighted to be able to continue our commitment of providing exciting career opportunities for people in our district.

Jim Garside said – “We were honoured to have hosted our Lord Mayor who took a genuine interest in our journey – being from a construction background himself he could fully appreciate the technological diversity displayed at 1ST HORIZON and the need to encourage a new generation of surveyors to support our rapidly evolving industry. Services such as ours are often hidden within a supply chain and I am extremely proud to be able to showcase not only the outputs we provide to our clients, but also the highly skilled people we employ.”

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